About C.H.W.C.

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Calgary is a unique city with its parks, rivers and natural areas. Polls conducted by the City of Calgary have shown that protection and restoration of these areas are a priority for the public. Some of these areas act as natural corridors for wildlife movements. The animals that live in these areas are an integral part of keeping these ecosystems healthy and Calgarians generally enjoy seeing wild animals in these natural settings. However, the enjoyment ends when these animals get into homes, causing property damage and safety concerns for families and pet owners.

   So what is a homeowner to do? It’s not a good idea to let these animals live in your home. Not only is there significant potential for the spread of zoonotic pathogens to your family but, once in, they can cause extensive property damage. Humane wildlife control requires in-depth knowledge through extensive training and experience. Understanding an animal’s biology and behaviour during the different seasons is a prerequisite to successfully solving wildlife intrusions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

   In addition to treating what used to be called 'pest issues' with respect, professionalism, and humane care, homeowners are thrilled with the longevity of our solutions and our fees for this service are considerably lower than the going rates. So far, all our clients have been amazed at the difference between CHWC's approach and their previous experiences with pest control companies.

   So if you experience unwanted house guests and want a long term, humane solution there's only one call you have to make, Calgary Humane Wildlife Control at 587.888.9453 (WILD).