I discovered a squirrel (or squirrels) had found an opening into my roof after a roofer had left a gap between the fascia and finished shingle roof. I wanted my "guests" out but as an animal lover, I didn't want them harmed in the process. I discovered Calgary Humane Wildlife Control on Homestars. Ken (CHWC) was most helpful...from his prompt initial response to my inquiry, open communication regarding appointments and quotes right down to the finished job and recommendations for roof repair so this doesn't happen again. I will recommend Ken (CHWC) to anyone that I hear may need similar help.


Discovered a "Guest" had made a home under my front steps. Wasn't interested in trapping or harming the skunk, but wanted a permanent solution. Called CHWC, & Ken did a thorough inspection of my property, and an exclusion for a beyond reasonable price. Reliable, punctual & pleasant. Thanks Ken !!!


We had squirrels in our attic in central Calgary for over 10 years. We tried several methods and several “so-called” professionals to help get rid of them. Then we called CHWC. We found them to be knowledgeable, reasonable, trustworthy , AND they know their business. We are now squirrel free!! Many thanks Ken (CHWC).


We started hearing a squirrel running around between our roof and fascia. I called Ken (CHWC) on the advice from a co-worker who used him for her skunk problem. Ken (CHWC) was very good at explaining where the squirrel was getting in as well he checked the whole area around the house to make sure it was only one spot. He then put up a screen that the squirrels could get out but not back in. It ended up what I thought was one squirrel turned out to be a family of squirrels. Just shortly after Ken (CHWC) put up the screen I went out and looked up where he had put it and you could see all the squirrels trying to get back in. Once they say me they started chattering and I'm pretty sure they were shaking their little paws at me. Now if only Ken (CHWC) had something to keep them out of my birdfeeder!!

Thanks Ken (CHWC) - squirrel problem solved. I don't mind them in my yard just not living in my roof!!


It has been 9 months since Ken (CHWC) got rid of the unwanted squirrels " running riot" inside my roof and they have not come back. Ken (CHWC) was friendly, efficient, carefully and patiently explaining the procedures and following through with every promise. I hope I never have to call him again but he was there when I needed him and he did a wonderful job. If you love animals (but not when they are where you don't want them) I highly recommend Ken (CHWC).


We had 4 skunks living under the front sidewalk. We didn't want them trapped or killed, just not under our front step. Ken (CHWC) has a great solution by blocking the den. It has been several months later and no more skunk palace. Thanks.

Lorna & Anita

Our neighbor gave us the grave news that we had a couple of skunks living under our front concrete steps. When Ken (CHWC) came out he surveyed the property to see if that was our only issue needed to be addressed, gave us a very reasonable quote and came back at the time he said he would be here, trenched the area, meshed the hole dug out by our odorous guests leaving a one way door so they leave but not come back. Many thank Ken (CHWC) highly recommended.

Blair & Tammy

We had had a skunk problem under our front sidewalk, stairs for many years. We had tried to block the entrance,but the skunks kept digging a new one. Ken (CHWC) and his crew were great, they did a very good job of blocking the den, and had a humane way of ensuring that no baby skunks were trapped. The skunks have been gone for 2 and a half months. Thanks so much!

Heather and Kelly

I live in Chestermere and had 5 skunks living under my front step. No one was really interested in helping until I met Ken (CHWC). He came out the next day and built a patented trap door that let the skunks out but not back in. After he removed the door a few days later, I could see where the skunks tried to dig back in under the step. He anticipated that and had buried a wire screen so the skunks could not. It is now a month later and I no longer have my skunk tenants. Ken (CHWC) even showed great concern and caring for the skunks even though I could care less if they took a long walk off a short pier. Ken (CHWC) is honest, is knowledgeable about the behavior of all animals I questioned him on, does what he says he is going to do, and completes a detailed job. He even paid a follow up visit to ensure all was well. His price was so reasonable I gave him $100 above the agreed upon price. Great guy and great service.


Thank you Ken (CHWC)! Very professional and thorough, with a guarantee too. I am very satisfied and happy to recommend him.


The squirrel that moved in under our soffits was a huge worry -- not only did I have visions of chewed electrical wire and resulting housefires, but the annoying scrabbling noises ruined every evening sitting together -- but I couldn't think how to get the blasted thing out. Ken (CHWC) made it look easy -- because he knows what he's doing. And he came when he said he would, charged a reasonable fee with no hidden extras, dealt seamlessly with my delegates, and followed up to make sure there were no problems. Awesome service.

Pamela Mclean

Ken (CHWC) has an in-depth knowledge, respect, and care of animals. We had a beautiful family of skunks living under our bedroom and Ken found the right time and method to remove them without any harm to them. What a miracle-worker! What a relief! His cost was so very reasonable too. Please consult with this man before you decide on any other way to deal with animals who are not your pets. You will be so very happy that you did.


We called Ken (CHWC) after realizing that a company using conventional methods would cost in excess of $1200.00 to remove the family of skunks which lived under our front steps. Ken proved to be very knowledgeable, prompt and efficient. He corrected our problem permanently in a few short days at a fraction of the cost we were incurring with another company. We are completely satisfied and are happy to recommend him.


Thank you very much Ken (CHWC)! Very friendly, professional and thorough, with a guarantee too! Ensured squirrels were removed safely from our family home and followed up to make sure we were satisfied. Ken's care for animals is really inspiring. I own rental properties throughout the city and CHWC will be our first and only call for any wildlife issues from now on!


We had Squirrels in the attic" and I'm not speaking metaphorically, so I called Ken (CHWC) and he came out the following day and set up his "squirrel friendly" trap. Within a couple of days,"Voila!" no more squirrels scurrying around at night scratching on our ceiling. Ken did a fanatastic job in an effective and professional manner. He was extremely personable and knowledgeable. It's great to know there are people like Ken in business to solve our problems. Great job Ken & thanks again!


I had contacted Ken (CHWC) because we had squirrels living in our soffets. In order for Ken to gain access to the hole to put the door in, we needed to have a roofing company remove the soffets. He recommended a really great roofing company and coordinated the job for us. The service we received was excellent and I'm glad that no squirrels were harmed.


I contacted Ken (CHWC) because we we had squirrels nesting in our roof. He did a fantastic job of quickly identifying the entry point and establishing a plan that ensured the young had left the nest before closing it off. Really tough place to access but he designed an efficient solution and we haven't had a problem since. Great guy to work with and very knowledgeable in this highly specialized business. Thanks again Ken.


We had a family of squirrels living in our roof and Ken (CHWC) came and installed a 1-way door for them to get out but not return. I was concerned about the babies but the parents called the babies out and now they are living somewhere else. Ken was knowledgeable about the behaviours of squirrels and reassured us that the babies would be okay. We are very pleased with Calgary Humane Wildlife Control and will use them again, if need be!


I was very pleased with Ken (CHWC) and his team. I had squirrels living in my soffets and called Ken for help. He and his team showed up when he said they would, put in a one way door and ensured that all the squirrels were safely out. Ken came back and checked to make sure all was okay and sealed the entry hole for good. I am very pleased with Ken and his crew, they were friendly and professional, got the job done quickly and efficently. I would highly recommend Ken and his crew.


We were very impressed with the level of professional service Ken (CHWC) delivered. The work he did to identify and block squirrel entry points was tidy and effective. He followed up regularly and the problem was resolved within a week. I would highly recommend their work for anyone else needing to solve a pest problem. Thanks Ken!


I was very impressed with the service provided by Ken (CHWC). He was very thorough when trying to determine the point of entry of a squirrel in my roof. He found the problem spot and installed a one-way door cage that withstood a hailstorm. It has been a month since he removed the cage and repaired the roof, and I have not had any indication of the intruder returning. Thank you Ken (CHWC), for your pleasant demeanour and a job well-done!


We were very happy with the service that Ken (CHWC) gave us with our skunk problem. He handled the situation professionally and results were seen the next day. I would recommend these services highly.

Vera Templeton

We have had an issue with a skunk living under our front porch for several months. We called Ken (CHWC) and he booked us for removal of the skunk. Ken and his team showed up as promised and did an excellent job sealing the area to prevent the skunk from returning to the area. He came back and checked several times to ensure that the skunk was not still living under the porch. Once he was convinced it was not present, he sealed the area permanently. We were impressed with his thoroughness, his level of service, and his friendly attitude. Thanks a lot Ken (CHWC)!

Mark and Christine

Well where to begin, when we discovered we had a skunk living under our front stairs we realised we had to call someone fast. Being the 'fall' we didn't want any little critter(s) setting up a cozy little winter hideout that we would have to live with until the following spring so I called CHWC and explained our problem. I was very concerned that I wanted this dealt with humanely. I couldn't be comfortable with some poor little animal, wild with fear and panic being completely stressed out in a trap in my yard waiting to be 'relocated'. As soon as I spoke to Ken I knew CHWC was the right choice. No trapping, in fact no interaction at all with the little critter(s). Ken arrived promptly with his colleague and I found his manner to be not only very professional but he was a very friendly, personable guy. After a few hours work they were gone and you would not have known they were there, our front yard looked completely undisturbed, everything was just as it was before. A few days later as promised they came back to follow up, our little friend had checked out, no harm done!! Yay. I am so happy with the service we received and would strongly recommend CHWC to anyone who needs to evict their little unwanted 'friends'. No mess, no invasion, no harm to any wildlife....., but no more skunk smell either. And with their method, no more little guests will be able to set up residence there again, unlike trapping and relocation. Amen!

Joanne & John McGuiness (McKenzie Lake, Calgary)

My squirrel problem has been taken care of & in a humane manner thanks to the professional services of Ken (CHWC). I was VERY impressed with the quality of work/thoroughness the friendly service & above all the subsequent follow up visits to ensure the 'nesters' were all out of the attic. I feel his method is far superior to the 'trap & relocate' version my previous exterminator used. Trapping an animal & watching it stress & thrash around before it is picked up is cruel & unnecessary. I would highly recommend Ken for any of your "critter" issues. Keep up the good work!

Monica Stephans

We had some univited house guests under our front porch. At least three skunks. We called CHWC, and Ken did an excellent job of describing the situation, explaining the solution, and geting itdone before our grandkids arrived!

Mike Robertson

Needless to say, when we discovered squirrels nesting in the attic, it caused a mild panic in our house. Two other pest exterminators only offered trapping and removal whereas Ken (CHWC) guaranteed to get them out and keep them out and he did. Quick,friendly and personal service with a guarantee to boot.

Joe King

If you are looking for a someone to take care of your "pest", do not hesitate to call Ken (CHWC). He knows how to prevent them to choose your home. I wish we would have called him sooner. It's worth the $$ for the "peace of mind".

Jeanne Gorman

We utilized CHWC for a problem squirrel who had nested in a deck pillar in our back yard. Ken (CHWC) was fantastic. The service was fast, professional, thorough and, last but not least, humane. Ken (CHWC) even conducted follow up visits to ensure that both the squirrel and ourselves were doing all right. I would certainly use CHWC again and would not hesitate to recommend their services to others.


I just wanted to thank you for coming and dealing with our skunk issue so quickly and professionally. I really appreciated that you were here when you said you would be and that now, we don't have to try any more ancient remedies to get rid of our skunk....if I never smell mothballs again, that would be great! Thanks again, sincerely,

Amy (and Ryan)

I wanted a permanent solution, not a simple skunk removal and that looks like what I have. No more skunks moving into the "hotel" under my front step. Excellent service and a year guarantee which gives me peace of mind. Thank you Ken!


Thank you CHWC...my children are talking to me again! They could not believe I was going to kill the beautiful skunk and her babies! Thanks to your humane removal I did not have to. Excellent job!!! Thanks again.

Joey MacDonald

What a great job! I'm so glad we have this service available in Calgary!

Aron Colledge